Monday, October 6, 2008

Pimpin' All Over the World!

Pimpin’ All Over the World
We can’t all live like celebrities and travel all over the world at all times. We can, however, exercise our constitutional right to dress however we’d like on Halloween, and this means taking vacations via costume! Luckily, Halloween Adventures has plenty of costumes that help you go international without leaving your home. Note: Frequent Flyer Miles not included.
Feeling Fraulein? Ladies can head to Germany in our Beer Hall Fraulein Adult Costume, a flirty and fabulous getup that includes a short dress with tie up bustier. This garment is guaranteed to get all the men looking at your “assets.” Unfortunately, never-ending kegs aren’t included, but in this outfit, you might get your beer for free!
Quite the opposite of our sexy Fraulein getup, our Colonial Girl Costume covers up pretty much everything, leaving the dreaming up to the imagination.  Make like a pilgrim in the long brown dress with apron and mop cap. Remember, just cause you’re covered up doesn’t mean you can’t be glowing with personality! This costume is a fun way to pay homage to those who started this country.
Memoirs of a Geisha may have been a best selling book, but it’s also a costume! Our  Geisha Adult International Costume, to be exact. This gorgeous outfit a fully finished and fitted satin gown, embroidered perfectly, edged in gold and zippered in the back. It includes a purple and gold Omi (waist sash), as well as a decorative lace fan.  Top it off with our Geisha Wig. Welcome to Japan!
Travel to Ireland in our Lucious Leprechaun Female Costume, a green getup that includes dress/jacket, hat, belt, panties, bow tie, purse, and thigh high stockings. Good luck finding that gold on the other side of the rainbow! Be sure to bring us back some of the Irish treasure!
Visit exotic Egyptian lands in our Queen of the Nile Costume, a fabulous outfit that includes a long pleated stretch sheath gown, full slip, colorful Egyptian style collar, shoulder sleeves, Egyptian style belt, Gold wrist cuffs, and gem stone headband. Cleopatra better watch her back, ‘cause the Queen of the Nile’s in the house! Pair with Marc Antony for a great couples costume!
No matter where you travel with your costume this Halloween, be sure to do it safely! Dress yourself to the nines in costumes from Halloween Adventures, and let the clothes take you away! Travel’s never been so easy.