Friday, October 17, 2008

Makeup Basics Part I

Makeup Basics!
            This Halloween, no costume is complete without the right makeup. In this two part series, we’ll show you what makeup can be used for what costume, and how to apply it.
            If you plan on being a vampire, a wolf, a zombie, or anything that might require some blood, you have to have our Blood Gel. Blood Gel is a deep red syrup-based blood that never dries, giving the look of oozing, wet, thick blood. Washes off easily with soap and water. Apply with a paint brush, Q-tip, or your finger.
            No clown costume is complete without a full out face of makeup. Sure, that red nose is important, but the white face and special designs are the most important part! Our Bozo Makeup Kit is the easiest way to get all the makeup you’d need for a clown costume in one place.  Make-Up kit includes large tube of white cream make-up, six mulitcolor crayons (white, red, black, blue, green and yellow) and one applicator sponge. Use the sponge to cover the entirety of your face white, then use the crayons to draw fun shapes atop the white. Also check out another clown kit here.
            Joining the army for one night only? The best soldiers know you can’t blend in without some camo. Our Camouflage Makeup Kit, This E-Z Character FX makeup kit includes: Two white sponges, Mini shaker of powder, Mini puff, Small flat brush, and Black, wolf brown and green make-up. Use the kit to paint stripes of green and brown that extend across your entire face!
            Another must have is our Colored Liquid Body Latex Paint. Use colored liquid latex to create exotic, dazzling and durable fantasy designs. Colored Liquid Body Latex is bold and rich with color and has excellent elastic properties allowing for ease of movement and comfort. Once applied, these fantasy designs can walk, dance, and even swim with you so long as they don’t get heavy friction. To remove, simply scratch loose an edge and peel off.
            Have to fake an injury? It’s easy with our Ex Fx Injury Kit. Kit includes blood gel for the cut, a white makeup sponge to fake that pale look you get when you’re hurt, a black stipple sponge for the blood gel and an ‘injury stack’ with four colors to fake it well!
            Any fairy costume isn’t complete without a TON of glitter. Thankfully, our Face Painting Glitter comes in 8 different colors! Available in the following colors: Opalescent, Silver, Gold, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Purple. Perfect for showing team spirit at your next sporting event or putting a finishing touch on your Halloween costume. Pick up a stick in every color and let your imagination go wild!
            For more makeup ideas, check the Halloween Adventures Blog!