Friday, October 17, 2008

Makeup Basics Part II

Makeup Basics Part II
            If you’re looking for something to spice up your costume in the dark of the night, our Iglow Hair Gel is the perfect answer! The ONLY hair gel in the WORLD that literally GLOWS IN THE DARK! Includes one .75oz container of blue hair gel. Using leading edge self-illuminating glow technology, "iGlow"(tm) needs no other light need for Black light/UV or recharging..."iGlow" Creates its OWN light!.
            Dressing up as a witch? Imitating Wednesday Addams? You’ll need a tube of Black Lipstick. This deathly color is the only way to top off an evil costume. Without it, you’re only part of the way there!
            Along the line of the injury kit featured in our last blog post comes our Scar Putty. Scar Putty is a great way to create fake lacerations, scars, bullet holes, and more. Blister card included. This is perfect for zombie costumes, Sopranos costumes or any sort of gangster. No good gangster goes without a scratch!
            Looking to go to the dark side this Halloween? Any blood sucking vampire look isn’t complete without the right makeup. Our Vampire Complete Kit contains Deadguy Grey Makeup, Undead Purple Makeup, Black Makeup, Sponge, Blood Gel, Powder, Fangs and Complete Instructions.
            Come midnight when the moon comes out, you’d better run and hide! Our Werewolf Complete Kit helps you to achieve the wolfiest look possible. This professional quality kit contains: Werewolf Face, Brown FX Hair, Spirit Gum, Wolf Brown & Black Makeup, Makeup Sponge and Complete Instructions.            
            No witch is complete without the totally freaky makeup. Our Witch Complete Kit can help you get there. This professional quality kit contains: Witch Nose & Chin, Two Warts, Flesh Latex, Spirit Gum, Colorless Powder, Forensic Green & Black Makeup, Power Puff, Makeup Sponge, and Complete Instructions. Spooky!