Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Men's Plus Size Part II

Men’s Plus Size Part II
            You’re too sexy for your shirt, too sexy for your shirt, so sexy it hurts! You heard us.  Not all women are chiseled, not all men are body builders. We at Halloween Adventure believe that everyone can find a great costume, which is why we’ve begun a miniseries on plus size costumes for both men and women.  In this, the second post out of three, you’ll see a myriad of flattering and cool options for this Halloween season, no matter what your size.  
            Remember when your mother used to beg you to stop playing basketball and go study so you could get into med school? Yeah, well, that didn’t happen, did it? It’s too bad, but we’ve got a better, cheaper and easier idea: dress up as a doctor for Halloween. Make mom proud! Our Doctor Dan Adult Plus Size Costume includes shirt, pants, cap and mask. Just don’t try to perform any operations. You need an actual education for that.
            Speaking of mom, you can always tell her she should be glad you weren’t one of those hippies. Bring back her worst nightmares with our Hippie Man Halloween Costume in plus size. This Adult Hippie costume includes: White v-neck shirt, floral print vest with trim, floral print bell-bottom style pants with elastic waistband, matching head band and belt. Peace love and happiness, man.
            Feeling sexy this Halloween? Mimic THE man, Hugh Hefner in our great Hugh Devil You Costume in Plus Size. Includes jacket with attached tail, cravat, horns, and toy cigar. Pants are, clearly, optional. Unfortunately, the “girls next door” aren’t included, but hey, that girl who lives next door is kind of hot, isn’t she? Maybe she’d be a good stand in for Holly Madison.
            Nothing is what it seems when you wear our Mad Hatter Plus Size Costume. We recommend you stay away from anything mind enhancing when wearing this getup, because you never know when crazy things can happen, like white rabbits running down the street.  Includes a velveteen jacket with attached faux shirt, argyle print pants, bowtie, and a three-tier hat.
            Show history your worth in our Musketeer Fighter Costume in Plus Size. This outfit includes an oversized beige shirt and a black velvet vest with an emblem of armor. Pair with your most comfortable black pants and a top hat and you’re good to go. Hear ye, hear ye, the musketeer is near ye!