Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who said the ladies get to have all the fun? Men's Plus Size Costumes!

Men’s Plus Size: You can rock it too!
            Our recent mini-series on fabulous figure flattering plus size costume options for women got us thinking: who said girls should have all the fun? Not all men are stick thin (and who on earth would want them to be? You need something to love!), so why should costumes only cater to the body builders? Thankfully, just like our costumes for women, we’ve got a wide range of costumes for men who don’t work out 23 hours out of a 24 hour day.
            For starters, we have a Batman Dark Knight Joker Costume in Plus Size. Everyone knows the Joker has to be big and tough, so embrace your love handles and slip on this great official costume.  People will think you’ve walked straight off of a movie set in the jacket and printed shirt, but it’s the mask that will knock them dead. But hey, that’s the Joker’s job, isn’t it?
            While we’re on the subject, let us introduce you to our Batman Superhero Movie Costume in Plus Size. This one, just like it’s joke-loving counterpart, looks like a Christian Bale leftover with its legendary jumpsuit and attached boot tops, headpiece and signature cape. Off to save the world you go!
            Excuse us, sir, but we’re going to need you to step out of the car and put your hands up. We’re conducting a search. Sound like something you’d love to say? We’ll, Halloween will be your lucky day, because our Border Patrol Costume in Plus Size pretty much gives you the ability to say that exact line (even if it’s only in the mirror). Costume includes jumpsuit, belt, cap, nightstick and handcuffs. No, the cuffs aren’t for the bedroom. Yes, what you do with your time is your business.
            Ahoy, matey’s! Captain Cutthroat here! This cutthroat captain runs a tight ship! This distinguished and fully finished garment includes: a Gold Brocade vest with attached satin sleeves and ruffled collar, long Blue coat trimmed in metallic braids, both vest and coat include deluxe antique Gold buttons. Also includes a headpiece* with Gold trim, Black vinyl boot tops with Gold braid trim, Black satin eye-patch, and Gold tone clip on earring. Hardy har har.
            Go back in time to an age where men were Gods and women were Goddesses with our Caesar Historical Adult Costume in Plus Size. This costume includes robe, red and gold shoulder drape, belt and golden headpiece. We can’t promise you’ll be able to change the world in an instant, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day now was it?
            For more plus size male adult costumes, check out part II. For more ideas, visit Halloween Adventures.