Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Children's Santa Costumes!

Children’s Santa Costumes!
            Usually it’s the adults who cause our Santa costumes to sell out, but this year, we’re hoping to start a new trend: kids as Santa! Think about it: it’s the kids who really know what other children want. That new textbook? No one wants that. But Guitar Hero? Bring it on! So this year, we’ve giving kids the power, offering more children’s Santa costumes than ever before. You never know which costumes have that little bit of magic in them; so get buying before they’re gone!
            Get in the spirit with a jolly costume. Even Santa was a youth at some point! Connect with Old Saint Nick's inner child with this adorable outfit that doubles as a snow suit to keep you warm as you climb higher and higher into the skies to deliver your gifts all over the world.
            While old St. Nick is away, this Santa cutie is at play. The Santa Dress costume includes: red dress with faux white rabbit fur trim, holly appliqué, black belt, Santa hat with holly appliqué, and black stretch boot tops. 
            Who is this? Rolly Polly Olly? This costume is so adorable you just want to eat it up! A Santa Claus outfit for the littlest of tots, this one is sure to be comfy cozy and keep the baby warm! Warning: side effects include delirious giggles and an overdose of cute.
            You don't need to be an expert at toy making to be one of Santa's little helpers. If the Christmas spirit is strong in you then you can help Santa out any time. Just be sure you're dressed properly and that's easy now with the Velvet Elf Suit. The Velvet Elf Suit includes: hunter green velvet tunic tip with attached collar and trimmed in bright red felt, hunter green velvet pants with elastic waist band, matching hat with gold glitter pom-pom, and red & gold twisted rope belt.
            Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Little Miss Santa has arrived! This delightful little girl in a gorgeous red dress has come to announce Santa's presence (and presents!). She claims he'll be flying over our homes this very evening, and in a dress like that, we can't very well doubt her! The girl clearly knows her stuff!
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