Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Make your own: Wrapping Paper!

This holiday season, save money and paper by making your own wrapping paper! Wrapping gifts in homemade paper is much more personal than buying it, and shows you've put lots of thought into the gifts you're giving. Best of all, the process of making it is a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy. 

Spattered Painted Gift Wrap

This makes beautiful gift wrap! Just choose the right colors for the right season. Red & green for Christmas, pastel for spring or Easter. The possibilities are endless!

Children enjoy making this instead of purchasing gift wrap. Its easy to do and so much fun everyone - from the preschooler to the teen - will want to get into the action. Add color coordinated bows to complete your gift.

Gift Wrap Materials

  • acrylic or tempera paints- we used what we had here
  • Cheap paintbrush - about 1/2' wide. The 5 yr old used a toothbrush
  • Small containers to put paint in. Egg cartons, clean yogurt containers - anything you can throw away.
  • Paper to paint. We have used the brown Kraft paper, newsprint (free from the newspaper), or butcher paper.

Making GIft Wrap

You will need to have plenty of paper towels on hand for cleaning up. Spread lots of newspaper down and wear old clothes. Also have water for cleaning brushes, etc

Pour a small amount of paint into your container. Add a little water to thin it down some. Stir it well. Do this for as many colors as you want to use.

Cut pieces of paper whatever size you want. Dip your brush into the paint Hold the brush above the paper and tap the brush with your other hand sharply so the paint spatters onto the paper. Little ones using a paint brush can flick their thumb across the brush. Continue this with ONE color until you have as much on as you like.

You can add more color layers but make sure your first layer is completely dry ! These are quite lovely. As soon as ours are all finish I will scan a sample to show you.

You can also sponge paint your paper for another neat affect! Making your own gift wrapping paper is super easy and saves you lots of money. Not to mention all the fun you have while making it. Why not have a family night around the holidays and spend the night eating snacks and making wrapping paper?