Friday, December 19, 2008

Even more funky contact lenses!

Even more Funky Contacts to Wear!
            Only the funky survive. At least, so we’ve been told when it comes to Halloween. Lucky for you, we’ve scouted some of the funkiest costumes around (of course) and the funkiest accessories: crazy contacts! Read on for ideas about how to incorporate crazy special effects contact lenses into your Halloween wardrobe.
            Are you a madman for Halloween? A serial killer, perhaps? A pirate, even? An evil wizard? If you checked yes for any of the above, your costume won’t be complete without these Berzerker special effects contact lenses. The white lenses are edged in red for a madman effect.
            Are you a biohazard? You’re on fire, a superhero or super villain, and it shows in your eyes! These fabulous special effects lenses cover your entire eye with a crazy combination of red, orange, yellow and blue. You’ll never be able to wear regular contacts again after you wear these. They’re just that cool.           
            Mimic Jacob Black of the Twilight series and go all werewolf on your friends. All you need is a ferocious growl, some fake fur, and these contacts, of course. Only wolves eyes glow amber in the night, so snag these and make sure you differentiate yourself from the pack.
            If you’re looking to imitate a vampire this Halloween, check out these bloodlust lenses. They’re all over red and cover your entire eye, just as a vampire’s eyes would look after they’ve sucked the blood out of their victim. These are an absolute necessity if you want your costume to be as real as it gets.
            If you’re looking to go all dragoness on your friends, you’ve absolutely got to get your hands on these dragon contacted lenses. These hand-painted beauties features a green and yellow outer rim, followed by a red and orange inner circle and a black cat’s eye like diamond in the middle. They’re of another world, and you will be too when you put them on!
            For more funky contact ideas, check out Lens Shopper’s Special Effects Lenses here.