Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to wear your creepy contacts!

How to wear your Special Effects Contact Lenses
            If you’ve got a zombie or vampire costume planned for this holiday season, you’ll look even spookier with these Alchemist special effect contact lenses. Scare your friends with these crazy red, orange and yellow contacts. With their fiery colors, your friends might swear you’ve actually lost it this time! Totally freaky!
            Only an angel’s eyes could be so heavenly blue. These angelic lenses are totally creepy due to their undeniably bright color. They’re almost turquoise, and their sheen gives off a light that indicates you’re not of this world. Perfect for wizards, witches and aliens alike, these lenses will give everyone else’s costumes a run for their money!
            Do you know what happens to witches? How to tell a real witch? All witches eyes are black, black as the night sky, no color or light to be found. These black out lenses are the perfect addition to your witchy costume. They’ll have friends shining flashlights in your eyes to ensure you haven’t really gone over to the dark side.
            Bahamut special effects contact lenses cover your entire eye. Scare your friends with these fierce black, blue and yellow contacts. These make you look like a crazed banshee, a zombie needing to feed on human flesh. They’re perfect for just about any freaky costume you’ve got.
Go all out Banshee with these Banshee contact lenses. Scare your friends, your neighbors, even the kid who claims he’s not scared of anything with these fierce red and yellow contact lenses. With their fiery colors and bright sheen you might almost be afraid of yourself!
For more crazy contact lens ideas and examples, check back to the blog. We’ve got even more ideas up our sleeves! To snag some crazy lenses, visit Lens Shopper’s online store. Of course, for any and all costumes, the only place to go is Halloween Adventure