Thursday, December 18, 2008

Special Effects Contact Lenses for your Costume: Part I

Enhance Your Costume with Contacts!
            We know, you’ve always whined when you had to put your glasses on. You hated being called four eyes in class. Then, the day finally came. Your parents told you that you were finally old enough to get contacts. Suddenly, the world was your oyster! Contacts provided you with so many options!
            But we bet you didn’t realize that contacts could also provide some fun options for you when Halloween rolled around. One of the best things about wearing contacts is that you can easily change up your look! As a costume retailer, we’re big on changing up our looks. We think it adds pizzazz to your personality. By virtue, we’re all for anything that will add pizzazz to your costume.
            Did you know there are a bunch of special effects contact lenses? That spooky witch you were going for! Contacts will make her even spookier! That zombie? Only crazy eyes will really complete that look. Just for you, our dear readers, we’ve put together some information about special effect contact lenses. Call it a little bit of Q & A (all information that follows is courtesy of Lens Shopper).
         What Kind of Special Effect Contact Lenses Are Available?
The most popular special effect contact lenses are the WildEyes line by CIBA brand contact lenses. These lenses come in a variety of effects, such as cat eye, knockout (x’s appear where the pupil should be), wildfire (a sunburst pattern), red hot (a deep red) and hypnotic (a spiral pattern).
How Do I Get Special Effect Contact Lenses Without a Prescription?
You can’t. Even if you do not normally need prescription contact lenses, you will require a prescription for special effect lenses. Special effect contact lenses for those who do not require vision correction still require proper fitting. This has to be administered under the guidance of an eye care professional.
Where Can I Get Special Effect Contact Lenses?
Special effect contact lenses should be available wherever you get normal contact lenses. Do not put special effect contact lenses obtained without a prescription into your eyes. Non-prescription materials inserted into the eye can result in serious and sometimes irreparable eye damage.
            Check back to the blog for information on specific special effects lenses and what costumes to wear them with!