Monday, May 25, 2009

Hilarious Animal Costumes!

Animalicious Costumes!

   This Halloween, pay homage to the other half of our species. No, we don’t mean men; we mean animals! Some we think of as pets, some we see in zoos, some we see as food, but let’s face it, all of them make great costumes!
            Buggin’ out? Women can rock our Lady Bug Adult Classic Costume. This costume is as adorable as can be, with a short red mini dress with black spots, black and red wings and a little hat with antennae. It even comes with black gloves!
            Go sexy with our Peacock Animal Costume. This costume includes a fabulous striped dress with blues, greens and gold. It comes with a giant peacock tail that fans out behind you, and a feathered headpiece. Peacocks aren’t a usual costume choice, so you can be sure you’ll be the only girl around with this baby on!
            Men and women alike can rock our Penguin Adult Costume. This costume is funny and cute at the same time. Grab a bunch of them and make like March of the Penguins! Another funny option (though along a different vein) is our Pigs in a Blanket Adult Costume. If penguins aren’t your thing, maybe pigs are! Oink oink!
            Teens can rock our Cat’s Meow Teen Costume. Costume includes a full out spotted body suit with attached tail, a headband with adorable ears and glovelets. Meeeowww, girl!
            Make some moooo-sic with our Comical Cow Costume. Costume includes black & white cow print jumpsuit, headpiece with attached horns & ears and of course the udder. It’s sure to get some laughs out of even the most sour of partygoers.
            Get things buzzin’ in our Fly Girl Adult Costume. This one’s got a double meaning, giving a shout out to old school Fly Girls like JLO and a shout out to our least favorite bugs. Flies might not be well liked, but you will be, because this costume is great! It includes a black dress with blue “FLY GIRL” writing, realistic looking wings, and a little hat with antennae. Buzz buzz buzz!
            For more animal costumes, visit Halloween Adventures!