Monday, June 1, 2009

SNL takes on Marvel with Spiderman Costumes!

SNL stars Bill Hader and Seth Meyers have written their own version of Spiderman. The story is set in New York City and according to news media Halloween is coming early this year. The comic release date is May 28th 2009, which means you should be seeing this wacky version of the famed Marvel Comic in stores. The plot is all about Spiderman getting knocked out during a Greenwich Village costume parade. That’s right this is not the suave guy we have come to know that can save the city from the evil enemies. Instead Spiderman has been knocked out and replaced.
But who is replacing him? An intoxicated reveler has taken the real Spiderman’s place by donning the costume. The rest of the plot will remain untold. Kevin Maguire did the artwork for the new comic. You might remember him from the Justice League International Comic. So you have some excellent art, but you’ll have to decide for yourself if the written work is up to standard.
For us, it means just another boost in Spiderman costume choices. You might decide to add your own story to the tale this year for Halloween. What better costume idea than to have a bit of a knocked out look to your Spidey? Of perhaps you have revealed your identity as the real “Spiderman.”
With Spiderman 3 costumes and Marvel comics you can never go wrong at a costume party. Just think this year could be full of Spiderman, Wolverine costumes, and much more. Afterall if it is not a new comic that spurs you into action for your current costume it might just be a movie like X-Men Origins Wolverine. The movie has been an ongoing hit since its release earlier this month.
Marvel Comics has also provided Justice League costumes for us. Wonder woman costumes for the female persona may even be right up your alley. The truth is even with an SNL spin on the favored comic there are always going to be costumes for everyone based on the heroes created.