Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get Ready for Winnie the Pooh: The Movie

We don't know about you, but we're big fans of Pooh. Winnie, that is. One of the most beloved characters from our childhood, Winnie the Pooh and his friends Tigger and Piget won our hearts early on. Cute, cuddly, and always full of great lessons to teach, we had Pooh stuffed animals and Pooh books, movies and more. Hence, you can imagine our excitement when we learned that there was going to be a new Pooh movie released this summer! Watching the preview reminded us of all the great Pooh costumes we have for kids! Our Frilly Winnie the Pooh costume is great for little girls. It's frilly and feminine and oh-so cute, but still very much Pooh-themed, with an orange and red dress with a poofy skirt. Little boys will love our Winnie the Pooh toddler costume, which is a full jumpsuit with a Pooh hood. It'll transform your little one into everyone's favorite lovable bear, red t-shirt and all. Now, where's the honey jar? If you're looking for something more simple, we've got Pooh Ears, Piglet Ears, Tigger Ears and even a set of Ears and Tail for Eeyore. Last but certainly not least, our Tigger Infant costume is quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet, if we do say so ourselves. Bouncy bouncy! Want more great Winnie the Pooh costumes? Click here.