Monday, July 18, 2011

Have You Seen Cars 2?

We're big fans of Disney Pixar, so it's no surprise that we've already seen Cars 2. Have you seen the movie yet? As the story goes, Lighting McQueen and his friend Mater head overseas to compete in the Grand World Prix race. The road to the championship gets a bit rocky when Mater gets caught up in a crazy adventure of his own - international espionage! Cars 2 might technically be a kid's movie, but there's lots in there for adults to enjoy as well! Haven't seen it yet and got a kid who's dying to show up to the movie theater fully decked out in his Cars gear? We've got plenty of it. From toddler Mater Muscle costumes to Lightning McQueen costumes for all ages, you'll find tons of great Cars costumes. Whether you want a real car built into the costume, or a racing jumpsuit for McQueen fans, you'll find it at Halloween Adventure! For fans of the new movie, you won't want to miss out on our Finn McMissle costume for toddlers. Want more Cars 2? Check out all of our great Cars 2 costumes and Cars 2 party decorations!