Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Best Toy Story 3 Costumes!

We must be on a Pixar kick today - just earlier, we were writing about our love for Disney Pixar's Cars 2, and now, we've got Toy Story on the brain...Toy Story 3, to be exact. We've got tons of great Toy Story costumes to satisfy your itch for all things toy-related. Whether you're a kid or an adult, a Buzz or a Jessie, you'll find the Toy Story costume you're looking for at Halloween Adventure. Here are some of our favorites! No Toy Story costume post would be complete without the mention of one our best-selling and most beloved costumes, the Buzz Lightyear costume for kids. Children love this one - Buzz is quite the hero!

A favorite for toddlers? Our Woody Classic costume. Throw this one on your little boy, and you'll swear he's been transported into your TV screen and spit back out. We've also got the Green Army Man for kids, as well as a Woody costume for adults - which would make for a great father/son costume duo! The most adorable award, however, goes to our Infant Alien CUTE is this?! Don't think we've forgotten about the ladies - for them, we've got our Jessie costume! For more Toy Story costumes, click here.